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5 Reasons to set up a FootGolf Course.


FootGolf is a great opportunity to diversify income at your golf course. Bring a game that everybody can play!

1. Take Advantage of your entire infrastructure.

Installing FootGolf does not require any major changes to the Golf course, the same space is used, you just have to choose where the hole will be installed and work the maintenance of the green space into your mowing. Likewise the tee boxes for FootGolf can use the same ones as Golf or a place to the side of the fairway.

2. FootGolf can bring you the same revenue as golf does.

The purchasing power of footgolfers is similar to that of golfers. The maintenance of a FootGolf course can be covered under the same maintenance of the Golf course thus avoiding extra costs. There is also a market for the sale of a wide range of accessories in the pro shop.

3. Diversify your group offerings and add to your income.

The offering of tee times for FootGolf is compatible with the offer of Golf so you can have income from both sports without them competing. In addition to that, the FootGolf market is showing a steady growth year after year in the number of players and the demand for courses to play at.

4. FootGolf brings you a game choice that anyone can play.

The learning curve to practice FootGolf is very short since most of the players have experience in Soccer and start to adapt to the strategies of Golf, giving you the best of both worlds and new potential golfers. In addition to this, FootGolf is compatible with the new reality of life due to COVID-19 as it naturally practices social distancing. FootGolf courses have seen the same increase in players as golf courses have during Covid-19 and since many soccer teams cannot practice, they are finding the FootGolf course for a place to work on their skills.

5. Foogolfers come from soccer, a market that increases each year.

Soccer players love practicing FootGolf because it can enhance their Soccer skills. Soccer is a sport that grows year after year in popularity around the US. It is played by children, women, men, young people and older adults. These same people embrace the game of FootGolf the same way.

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